The idea of Sous le Soleil (Under the sun) came about while traveling back and forth to Togo-Lome West Africa. During my travels, I post pictures of my trip on social media. Through my pictures, and the subsequent questions,  people changed their negative perceptions about Africa and wanted to visit.

Togo is a hidden gem in Africa. I hope Sous le Soleil travels will introduce my paradise, Togo, to the world. I want to connect the rest of the world to Togo. I want people to discover this hidden jewel in the midst of paradise.

If you really want to know about a place outside of your comfort zone, you have to go with the natives and explore, learn about the culture first hand. The best way to appreciate a culture is by learning their ways by cooking with them, living where they live, singing and dancing with them and by the end of the trip, you’ll have had fun and gained new perspectives.

At Sous le soleil, making the trip authentic and memorable is our priority.